Moonrise, Sunset, & Hoy in the Middle: The Film with music.

The first time I came to stay for a few months in Orkney in 1983, I was pretty isolated. It was a really bad winter in 2010. The only the TV screen was my front windows, and the only show were the everchanging hills of the island of Hoy.

I began to work and work and work. I didn’t know it would end at almost forty-five feet in length! This video documents the first time I saw it in its fullness at the Northlight Gallery in Stromness. Owner, Cary Welling figured that by this point, I knew enough people to be her opening show, and so she kindly figured out the system for hanging the massive canvas.

My thanks to Tom O’Brien who put the video together and for all his other kindnesses over these years. My gratitude to Shaun, the composer of the piano piece. During the exhibit, I received this amazing comment. With tears in her eyes, a viewer said, “I have never been hugged by a painting, thank you.”

I, in turn, have to thank Orkney, with tears in my eyes. For now I can die a happy woman painter.