Welcome to My Orkney Diary

Hello everyone,

This spring I sent out a number of newsletters to my friends. Since they were well-received, I have decided to share them more widely on this new website. The first, reprinted below, was published in early April.

It has taken me awhile to get back to my promise of sharing this beautiful place with you, so I hope you didn’t give up on me.

To start let me share a little about my situation here.

We sure are in the midst of strange times. The COVID19 virus has confined me in innumerable ways. I, for one, cannot see when I will feel safe getting on a plane, so I can only hope when I make it back to the States, I am so thin and beautiful, you will not recognize me. And my bad knees will have healed. After all, Orkney is a magical place.

So I am taking in the land, sea, and sky that surrounds me and living cozy in the town of Stromness. With that in mind, I will share photos of some of those magical things that make up my life.

The first is our snowstorm this week (4th of April), obscuring my window’s island view and freezing the bluebells.

Second is Gracie, the great Cairn terrier I am back to sharing, staring down some garden ornament…a rusty chicken.

Third is the accidental making on the USA Mother’s Day, of the only really complicated recipe my mother ever made—sauerbraten, red cabbage, and Kartoffel glasse, or potato balls. These were the domain of my dad, and the challenge was to see if they would float. These are my first ones and float they did!

STAY SAFE ….love to us all….oh, and this is a long first edition.  I guess I made up for lost time…BUT, we all have the time to take now…with social distancing in place.

Jeanne Bouza Rose

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